Mixed reviews for Brexit TV drama after ‘Impact assessments were just a dream’ plot twist

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Fans of the long-running political thriller ‘Brexit’ have been furiously debating the latest episode which saw a key narrative element explained as ‘just a daydream’.

The gripping tale of a nation collapsing in on itself through xenophobia and incompetence has been accused of ‘doing a Bobby Ewing’.

Simon Williams, a member of the Brexit fanboy association UKIP, welcomed the new development.

“To be honest, the show needed a bit of a reboot. It’s a bit clumsy, but the impact assessment storyline was getting far too procedural.

“Hopefully, the show will now get back to basics and feature more conflict between David Davis and Michel Barnier, that sexy Frenchman we all love to hate.”

However, pop culture blogger Amanda Tinnock was among those who disliked the show’s turn for the surreal.

“The latest season started really well with a focus on the Irish subplot but now it feels they’ve just taken the easy way out.

“You can’t write off a whole story arc and expect us to trust the rest of it.

“Who knows what else they’ll dismiss next. The disastrous election? The whole mystery about Corbyn’s true feelings towards Brexit? The red bus?”

While the show has proven to be a popular success, it has received significant criticism for introducing characters that many felt were one-dimensional stereotypes, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg RM, a snakelike aristocrat straight from an Evelyn Waugh novel.

Even more controversial was the character of Boris Johnson, an inept Foreign Secretary that was intended to provide mild comic relief but has since been dubbed the Jar-Jar Binks of Westminster.