Two ‘British born’ men accused of plotting to assassinate Theresa May

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A pair of British-born men have been identified as a clear and ongoing threat to the Prime Minister, intelligence services have confirmed.

The public are warned to be on the lookout for the two, who MI6 describe as the biggest peril currently facing Theresa May.

Describing the pair as ‘desperate’, security chiefs said they had clear intelligence that either one of them could strike at any moment, but preferably when their victim’s back is turned and if they can make it look like it was someone else.

“It’s uncertain which of the two is the mastermind – if either,” an MI6 source known only as SW told us.

”One, called Mike al-Gove appears to have been radicalised by growing up in Aberdeen and being a member of the EU.

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”Whilst the other is a real Menace. He appears to have been radicalised by a constant need to get his leg over and reckoning he could pull more totty in Number Ten.

”Either one of these two presents a far more credible risk to the security of the Prime Minister than any other source, such as the leader of the opposition.”

When asked if the men were known to the intelligence services, we were told “Well, they sit in on our briefings if that counts?”