TIME to announce Hillary Clinton as ‘Person of the Year’ just to see the look on Donald Trump’s face

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TIME magazine is planning to tell Donald Trump that his presidential rival Hillary Clinton has won Person of the Year 2017 just to see the look on his saggy orange face.

According to an anonymous source from the magazine, senior editors made the decision after the US President tweeted some nonsense about passing up the award last week.

Our source explained, “That tweet from Trump last week about discussing the award with us and turning it down was entirely made up, which I’m sure surprises absolutely no-one familiar with the current President.

“No conversation like that took place, so we can only assume that he knew he was never going to win it two years running and tweeted that twaddle just to make it seem like it was his choice not to win it – because apparently there are plenty of idiots out there that fall for that sort of thing.

“So one of our editors, Simon, suggested we play a little joke on Trump and announce Hillary as the winner of Person of the Year 2017. She got more votes than him in the election last year, so it’s only fair.”

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Chuckling, he went on, “It will be lovely to see the look on his face when he hears Hillary has beaten him. Perhaps he will be so consumed by impotent rage that he’ll throw his phone against a wall and give the world a break from his unhinged tweeting for a while.

“Anyway, we shall be announcing the REAL winner later today.

“Who is of course Kim Jong-un.”

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