Alderaan government refusing to release impact assessments for leaving the Empire

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The government of Alderaan have been widely criticised for refusing to release the impact assessments associated with leaving the Empire.

Residents of the planet insist that without the impact studies, how can they know what sort of unforeseen negative effects they could be subject to once their exit from the Empire is complete.

Alderaan leader Bail Organa told residents, “There are no impact studies, so you don’t need to worry about impacts of any kind. None whatsoever.

“Not being part of the Empire will be a new lease of life for Alderaan, as we are presented with a galaxy of opportunity and potential trade partners dozens of parsecs away.

“The naysayers will no doubt insist you consider the dire consequences that face those who leave the Empire, but do not give in to Project Fear! We will be better off outside, so much better off – we don’t need some ‘impact study’ to confirm that.

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Many remain campaigners have called for Alderaan to stay inside the Empire, at least in the short term, with leading spokesperson Tycho Tarkin telling us, “Look, we’re not saying the Empire is perfect, it has a lot of issues, clearly – but just cutting ties with them completely is catastrophically short-sighted.

“We could just stay inside the current arrangement and see what happens – there are a few rumours going around the galaxy that changes are already underway and that the Empire as we know it might look very different in a year or two.

“But if we’ve already left we’ll completely miss out on that, and the opportunity to shape those changes.”

However Bail Organa had the final word, telling his supporters, “I told you that life outside the Empire would bring us the land of plenty, and look up there in the sky, it’s already brought us a new moon!”

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