No-one criticises our pathetically incompetent Prime Minister except us, say angry Brits

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After Donald Trump criticised the job Theresa May is doing, voters across the country have said that if anyone is going to mock the truly awful job she is doing, then it will be them.

As Trump churned out another tweet from the White House bathroom, many British voters have told him that criticising the British Prime Minister is their job, and he should mind his own business.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “I personally think Theresa May is doing such an awful job her reign as PM may go down in the history books. There is her terrible decisions making, the poor negotiations and the frankly laughable economic performance – but if someone outside the country says one word about her, then they can sod right off.

“She’s our ignoramus, and as such, it is for the British people to repeatedly and loudly tell her how bad she is at her job.

“We don’t need bloody foreigners coming over here on the Internet and criticising our leaders – we’re perfectly capable of doing that by ourselves, thank you very much.”

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Others have said that believing Theresa May is shit at her job, and also that Donald Trump is a twat, but then having Trump say that May is shit at her job has created a severe level of internal cognitive conflict.

Voter Jerry Matthews told us, “Trump can’t be right about anything, obviously, but criticising May seems like the right thing to do – it’s so difficult.”

“I just don’t know what to think. Everything is going crazy at the moment, only yesterday I found myself agreeing with Piers Morgan – Piers fucking Morgan – with his criticism of Donald Trump, now I’m seeing Donald Trump criticising Theresa May who I know to be crap at her job.

“I think the only thing that makes sense, and to close this circle, is If I wake up in the morning to find out Theresa May has called Piers Morgan a spineless flip-flopping populist bastard.”

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