Justin Trudeau embarks on world selfie tour

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Justin Trudeau is to take a year off from being Canadian Prime Minister to travel the world taking selfies, he has announced.

The tour, which is expected to incorporate every one of the 192 member states of the United Nations, is not expected to leave Trudeau much time for Prime Ministerial duties – but he says that won’t be a problem as that’s never stopped him before.

“There are loads of great people out there all across the world who need to have their photo taken with yours truly,” he told reporters at a press conference announcing the trip.

“I’m not just talking about kings and presidents and so on – I get my picture taken with them all the time anyway! – but ordinary people whose lives are lacking a certain Justin-ness.

“That’s a gap I intend to fill. When the kings and Presidents let me, anyway,” he added with a chuckle.

When asked if he felt the absence of its head of government would prove detrimental to Canada in any way, Trudeau reiterated that getting selfies is pretty much the primary responsibility of his post – or if it isn’t, nobody had told him yet.