Donald Trump adds a burning cross to the White House festive decorations

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US President and international laughing stock Donald Trump has today added a giant burning cross to the extensive Christmas decorations at the White House.

Following the release of a video showing the First Lady enjoying a number of lavish Christmas trees lining the corridors of the Presidential residence, it appears that Trump thought that the decorations would not be complete without a twenty-five-foot-tall burning cross installed on the White House lawn.

Addressing White House reporters the toddler-in-chief explained, “You know, I got the idea partly from my old buddy David Duke, who used to have loads of these burning away all over the place, and partly from the Britain First twitter feed, who my good friend Ann Coulter introduced me to yesterday.

“They had a video of them marching through a Muslim area holding up white crosses to ward away the evil spirit of Barack Obama or something, and I thought, you know, Christmas is about Jesus, so let’s get a big old cross set up on the White House lawn and set it alight to show the world what a good, loving, Christian looks like.

“It might draw Muslims round to our point of view, right?”

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White House puppet Sarah Sanders added, “Look, we know the fake news media are going to try and spin the fact we have a burning cross on the lawn to make us look like racists, but it’s honestly not.

“It is just part of our effort to reduce electricity costs, as the flames will provide both extra heat and light to the White House. Which should please all the eco-warriors who say President Trump doesn’t care about the environment.”