Infinity War trailer provoking better reactions than entire Justice League movie

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A two-minute teaser for a film that won’t be released for six months is provoking more excited fan reactions than one which is currently playing in cinemas.

Infinity War, which manages the tricky feat of not looking like it was shot through a fog of old cigar smoke and making sure all the characters have recognisably human faces, has outdone the competition in terms of its trailer being watched for more man-hours than Justice League, despite being only two minutes long.

“I think there’s a lot that DC could learn from this trailer,” said comics fan Simon Williams. “First, and most important, is ‘Give your fans what they want and not what you think they should want’.

“I get there are deep philosophical questions about what it means to be human in a world inhabited by gods, but if Superman had punched Steppenwolf clean through the moon to the John Williams score I would have watched that a million times.

“I know this film will have quiet, thoughtful moments with maybe a joke or two, but on the other hand it’ll have Thor twatting someone who richly deserves it with a whopping great hammer, the Hulk smashing, Iron Man saying something snarky and Captain America saving the day when all seems lost, and it won’t feel forced for a moment.

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“And you’ll be able to see what the jimminy fuck is going on as well. Everything Justice League lacks.

“Anyway, spoiler alert. We already know who gets killed at the end of Infinity War.

“It’s DC.”