Humanitarian, modern slavery campaigner and equal rights activist to marry ex-squaddie

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Meghan Markle, an American equal rights campaigner and humanitarian, is to marry a British former squaddie who almost failed his A Levels, according to reports today.

Ms Markle, who has achieved success in a number of fields including acting, modelling and fashion design, and is also an advocate for gender equality and empowerment of women with the UN, is said to have fallen ‘head over heels’ in love with the unemployed former soldier, Harry Windsor.

However, Markle has been praised for her choice of husband, with many insisting that by choosing to marry a man who only got a D in his A-Levels despite having the literally the best education money can buy, she has shown she doesn’t care about a man’s background, only what’s in his heart.

A friend of Ms Markle’s said, “Meghan is so accomplished that it can almost be intimidating, so we have to say how well Harry has done to acclimatise to being in a relationship with someone like her.

“Many so-called ‘alpha-males’ would be completely turned off by a woman who fights for female equality across the world, but thankfully Meghan has found herself a man who not only loves her, but is also completely comfortable being with someone who is so clearly his superior.”

Not everyone has welcomed the announcement, with Daily Mail reader Simon Wiliams telling us, “Look, you can talk about all that charity and humanitarian stuff she’s done till the cows come home, but I saw that episode of Suits where she was prancing around in her underwear – so you can call her what you like, to me she’ll always be ‘bimbo’.”