DC Movies announce they’ve finished the effects for Justice League

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Digital effects artists in Hollywood have today proudly announced they’ve finished the CGI for Justice League a mere two weeks after it came out.

The finished effects are reported to be ‘great’, with bright, clear graphics, no heavy brown fog covering everything, and a ‘seamless and utterly convincing’ recreation of Superman’s face without a beard.

The special effects house said they have been ‘working in utter seclusion’ for months but they’d sent DC a rough cut of their work a while ago to give the studio an idea of their thinking.

“It was a bit of a joke really, as it looked like something from 1998 or something, but we hoped it would give them a general idea of what the finished work would look like, once we’d tidied it up rather than leaving it looking like a homework assignment,” said CGI artist Simon Williams.

“There was one shot of Superman flying where his limbs were completely out of proportion to the rest of his body.”

“We covered up most of the worst unfinished shots with a thick sepia stain, like the camera lenses had been kept in a room with someone smoking eighty cigarettes a day for forty years, but we’ve taken that out now.

“Jesus, you should have seen the botch job we made of Superman’s chin! Still, we’re pleased the studio gave us the time we needed to get that finished properly. It would have looked utterly risible otherwise.”

Upon being shown the latest copy of the Hollywood Reporter, Williams is understood to have broken down and cried.