Prue Leith expected to accidentally tweet the name of Paul Hollywood’s mistress at some point today

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Bake Off fans are closely monitoring Prue Leith’s Twitter account in anticipation of her accidentally revealing the third party behind the break-up of Paul Hollywood’s marriage.

It is believed that Prue not only knows the name of the blue-eyed love machine’s latest squeeze but that she will most probably reveal it on Twitter due to a confusion over time zones.

Bake Off addict Eleanor Gay told us, “We’ve all read the tabloid rumours about who may have been behind their decision to split, but we’re just desperate to know for certain.

“We don’t know if Prue is currently on holiday in another time zone, but even if she’s not there is always the chance she might wake up confused in the middle of the night and just blurt out the info on Twitter anyway.”

She added, “Paul has a reputation for being a bit of a lad, but as he’s on the TV it is our right to know who’s dough he has been kneading behind his wife’s back.”

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A close friend of Paul’s soon to be ex-wife Alex told us, “She has her suspicions over which heavily-lipsticked former Bake Off winner might be involved, but wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turned out he’d just been cheating on her with a life-size model of himself that he’d made out of bread and ham.”