Peter Kay fans to save money on tickets by remembering things for themselves

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Peter Kay fans who have struggled to get tickets for his new tour have consoled themselves by simply going on their own nostalgia binge.

Simon Williams, 35, had tried in vain to hand over his credit card details in exchange for being made to remember Crackerjack, Wispa bars and what school used to be like over the course of a ninety-minute comedy gig.

“But I couldn’t get tickets because everyone else is quite keen to be reminded of these things too,” said Williams.

“I returned home and consoled myself by remembering Peter Kay’s old routine about remembering Bullseye.

“Then that kind of snowballed into other memories of my own around things like Blind Date, playing football in the street and trying to steal bras from washing lines.

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“At that point, I realised I was having the same nostalgic rush by simply thinking for myself, as opposed to paying £80 for someone else to do it for me. So those busy ticket lines really are a blessing in disguise.

“D’ya remember when you had to write away for things like tickets and then wait three weeks? I do. Ahhh there’s that feeling.”