Murdering c*nt dies

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Cult leader, Charles Manson, is dead. Thank Christ.

The elderly cunt and leader of the cult known as The Manson Family instructed his followers to kill seven people and was convicted of murder as a result.

“The cunt is dead, which is fantastic,” confirmed Jay Cooper, a rational human being.

“The world will definitely be better. One less murderous old cunt is a good thing. He wasn’t a rock star; he killed people. I wish he’d died earlier.”

Simon Williams, a moron, disagreed.

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“Manson is a legend,” mis-categorised Williams.

“He was an absolute lunatic who was instrumental in a string of grisly murders, which makes him worthy of lionisation in my book.

“Have you read my book? It’s pretty fucked up.

“I was equally sad when that bloke what did the Great Train Robbery died as well, as he was also a criminal which, as I may have hinted at already, is excellent.”

Williams’ mother said, “this is my fault really.

“His dad left when he was young and I told Simon he was a famous art thief that had to go on the run. In reality, he’d run off with that slag from the newsagents.

“He’s had a Freudian hard-on for dangerous criminals ever since.”

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