Disappointment as extra-large piece of Chicken Tikka revealed as piece of tomato

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There was disappointment for a Berkshire family on Saturday as it was revealed that an extra-large piece of Chicken Tikka in a Chicken Tikka Masala was actually just a piece of tomato.

The Middleton’s were enjoying a takeaway curry whilst watching Strictly, and it was father Michael who made the discovery.

“Oh, he was ever so excited,” said wife Carole.

“I was just enjoying Debbie McGee, but he’d popped out for a small second helping because he’s not fussed by the actual dancing and likes to watch it when the Judges all come out with what they think.

“All of a sudden, I heard him shout from the kitchen – ‘Carole! Carole!’ Come and have a look at this.

“Well, I rushed out immediately, and he was just standing there with this look of real wonder on his face.”

Mr Middleton takes up the story.

“I was only going to have a small second helping but then I saw this monster piece of chicken tikka and, well, I couldn’t believe it.”

“He couldn’t believe it,” confirmed Mrs Middleton

Sadly, the excitement was not to last.

“I went to fork it,” continued Mr Middleton.

“You know, to put it on my plate, and at first, I couldn’t get any purchase, then I did and it just collapsed. All it was just a bit of tomato. I was gutted.”

Mrs Middleton thought something should be done.

“Something should be done,” she confirmed.

“I mean, bits of tomato instead of bits of Chicken tikka. It’s not on, is it. Hopefully Brexit will put a stop to all this.”

The family had only just recovered from an earlier incident when daughter Kate found what she thought was an extra onion bhaji in a separate bag but was, in fact, a piece of lemon for the prawn puree.