Monday 20 November 2017 by Davywavy and Ben Brown

Alderaan ‘truther’ insists planetary destruction was work of the Rebel Alliance

Alderaan explosion an inside job claims Truther

Alderaan was destroyed by the Rebel Alliance to turn people against the Empire, truther Sy-Mon Snootles has claimed in a controversial new book.

Alderaan, which was allegedly destroyed by Imperial Agents who had gained access to devastating firepower, is regarded by many as the trigger for a six-year civil war which left millions dead and crippled the galactic economy, paving the way for the First Order.

However, Sy-Mon claims to be able to demonstrate that the destruction of Alderaan was a black ops false flag operation by the Alliance designed to increase public sympathy for their war.

“Laser beams can’t destroy continental plates!” he told us.

“Only someone with long-term, intimate access to the planetary infrastructure could have built up the stockpiles of devastating munitions required to carry out a controlled demolition of an entire planet.

“And who is the only person with that sort of access, who – coincidentally – was on the scene at the time?

“Princess Leia Organa. Check and mate, liberals.

“Wake up, nerf-herders!” he added.

Having proven this point to his own satisfaction, Sy-Mon now plans to upload grainy footage which he says shows New Republic agents directly collaborating with First Order assets including FN-2178 on Jakku.

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