Aled Jones denies walking in the air with his ding dong merrily on high

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Fully-grown choirboy, Aled Jones, has strenuously denied allegations that he might have walked in the air while up to no good.

After an allegation of inappropriate behaviour was made against him, the popular Songs of Praise presenter has been temporarily taken off the air that he’s recently been walking in.

BBC spokesperson, Simon Williams, said that the move was a precautionary measure and that there are no suggestions that children gazed, open-mouthed, taken by surprise while nobody down below could quite believe their eyes.

Jones said, “I realise that providing backing vocals to a scene in which a child is snatched from his bed by a snowman and taken on a midnight journey across a frozen landscape could be interpreted as assisting an offender.

“For this, I am profoundly sorry.”

Meanwhile, the singer plans a pre-Christmas release of popular hymns such as Make Me a Channel of Your Piece, O For a Thousand Tongues(To Sing) and Will Your Anchor Hold.

Williams added, “Christ, you’ve really milked this one haven’t you?”