Walkers pledge to increase number of crisps in a bag from three to four

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Bags of Walkers crisps are set to get 33% bigger after the food company pledged to put four in a bag rather than the current three.

Walkers, whose crisps must be made of solid gold potatoes considering what they charge for a bag, made the announcement after customers noticed that they weren’t exactly getting much by way of Salt and Vinegar for their 60p.

“We appreciate that our customers want the best value for money, but potatoes don’t grow on trees, you know,” a spokesman told us.

“We believed that crisps averaging 20p each in our average bag was good value for money, but we appreciate that times are hard which is why we’ve increased the serving size so dramatically.

“And our now big grab-bags will feed a family of four, so long as three of you don’t actually eat any.

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