New study reveals Chinese just as good at whispering as anyone else

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Researchers have sent shockwaves around primary schools and playgroups by revealing that the Chinese are no better or worse at whispering than any other race.

The study, commissioned by the department of party games at Oxford University, tested the whispering capabilities of a number of ethnic groups to establish if there was any truth behind the name of the popular game.

Professor Christopher James explained, “Following a number of complaints from Chinese primary school pupils, we decided to conduct a study of every race in the world to see how the whispering skills of the oriental participants sacked up against everyone else.

“Turns out they can whisper with the best of them, so we are puzzled at how the misconception of them being bad whisperers started.”

He added, “It has made us also question the origin of other games, and I am proud to announce that our next area of study will be to establish whether the hokey-cokey is actually what it is all about, or not.”

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