US Navy pilots apologise for drawing huge penis in the sky

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Trainee navy pilots have apologised for any offence after being caught drawing a huge penis in the sky.

Using vapour trails, the pilots drew the gigantic member on a training flight – which commanders described as being ridiculously childish and having ‘no place in the military’.

When asked if they meant the picture or its subject the spokesman grew agitated and refused to comment further.

“We’ll be holding the crew accountable for this. Mark my words, they’ll get what they deserve,” we were told as several trucks pulled up to deliver crates of beer.

”The Navy does not condone using US assets for personal amusement or gain when there’s a serious job to do, and any slacking off on the job is beneath our contempt.

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“Furthermore, anyone lying to cover their tracks does not deserve the respect of our servicemen.

“And we’re pretty cross with our pilots too.”