Twitter to replace blue tick with ‘punch’ icon on Nazi accounts

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Accounts which break their terms of service will have their blue tick replaced with a ‘punch’ icon, Twitter has confirmed today.

The social media network has come under fire recently after it was accused of not doing enough to address posts by lonely Mens Rights Activists who think women don’t like them because of feminism instead of them having a shitty personality.

“It’s vital we remain a common space where people can freely debate ideas, whilst also ensuring that users who act like twats because they’re twelve and think it’s cool and funny are clearly identified,” said Twitter’s head of engagement Simon Williams.

“Suggested images for these accounts included a shot of their mum’s basement, a picture of a girlfriend with a red line through it, or just a ‘weary eye-roll’ emoji.

“But it must be said, belting someone for acting like a complete twat isn’t just satisfying, it is absolutely what John Wayne would have done so we went with that as the icon.”

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When presented with his new icon, user @hitlerwasrite18 told us that demonising normal, questioning intellectual debate like his was utterly unfair, but on the other hand, suggesting he gets punched may well be the only way a woman will ever touch him.