Twitter ‘braver than Oskar Schindler’ after removing verified ticks from fascists

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Persecuted minorities the world over are breathing a huge sigh of relief after Twitter removed its approved status from several notable fascist knobheads.

News that Tommy Robinson and Richard Spencer will instantly lose their Twitter tick badges was given a massive thumbs-up by Jews and Muslims everywhere, not to mention the gays.

The decision to alter one character of someone’s online profile has been likened to the moment Oskar Schindler risked his neck by employing thousands of Reich-based Jews on flexible shift patterns.

Twitter’s bold move has been greeted with jubilation by leftist do-gooders everywhere.

Political analyst, Simon Williams, said, “If this doesn’t save Europe-bound migrants from the yet-to-be-built, streamlined gas chambers of the future, then nothing will.

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“If I’m planning to burn a hostel full of immigrants to the ground or run a liberal over in my truck, I’m far less likely to do so on the orders of someone without Twitter approved status.

“Fascists everywhere must be shitting themselves.”

Meanwhile, critics of the move were quick to point out that alt-right loon Richard Spencer would look far less handsome and believable if his head was replaced with a pale or coloured egg symbol.

Naysayer, John Goodier, said, “Twitter could and should do more at this critical moment in history.

“Think how many we could save if we replaced popular alt-right words such as blood, honour and nation with salmon, broccoli and veggie marmite.”