Daily Telegraph truly sorry that powerful white people received death threats because of front page

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Senior staff at the broadsheet issued an unqualified apology yesterday as their front page labelling of Remain Tory MPs as ‘mutineers’, led to several death threats and the named politicians having to contact the heavily armed policemen that guard their workplace.

Speaking for the editorial team, Westminster correspondent Simon Williams, explained that it was never their intention to instil fear in people who are not isolated female students and who can easily obtain 24-hour police protection.

He continued, “Sometimes the fraught world of politics leads to heated decisions. Occasionally we get it right like when we made Lola Olufemi a target for every racist crank in the country because she was one of the dozens to sign a petition.

“But sometimes we get it wrong and we have to own up to it. We never intended for Conservative MPs to be harassed like some uppity black student who lives alone in her unguarded bedsit.

“We recognise that the politicians in question are patriots trying to do what they think is best for the country and do not need to be taught a lesson about the real world like a snowflake Cambridge undergrad with no access to expensive lawyers.”

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Other newspapers also stirred controversy, with the Daily Mail calling the rebel Tories ‘collaborators’. A word made infamous during World War 2 as craven people in occupied Europe facilitated the murder of their countrymen by regimes the Daily Mail admired.