Daily Mail criticised for ‘Murder the Remoaner shits with guns’ headline

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The Daily Mail has been criticised for its provocative headline this morning imploring readers to ‘Murder the Remoaner shits with guns’.

The headline accompanies a piece heavily critical of the Tory MPs who oppose a fixed date to leave the EU and suggests that they should ‘be dragged from their beds at night, stood up against the wall and shot like the dogs they are.’

“We’re just reflecting the views of our readers,” said Daily Mail editor and revolting shit Paul Dacre.

“Views which this newspaper has shaped into poisonous, hate-fuelled, bile-dripping disgust at everyone else.”

After killing the rebel MPs, it was suggested that they be strung from the scaffold around Big Ben as a warning that dissent would no longer be tolerated in Great Britain, and then have Big Ben ring out a triumphant bong in celebration of the resistance being crushed.

The piece went on to suggest that a voluntary ‘anti-patriot’ organisation could be set up in which ordinary people denounce friends and family who may harbour pro-European feelings, and those people be locked up in camps to ‘have their treacherous views beaten out of them’.

Criticism of the headline has come from all quarters, with the exception of Number 10, which issued the following statement.

“I have no comment on this morning’s Daily Mail headline because Mr Dacre hasn’t told me what I’m allowed to say yet.

“Love Theresa.”