Red Pill just a placebo, conspiracy theorists told

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The Red Pill is a harmless sugar placebo tablet and all those weird connections you see are just confirmation bias, conspiracy theorists have been told today.

The Red Pill, which is used as a crutch by people who frequent those really odd websites with loads of adverts on them and try and sell you a stack cheaply printed books for thirty dollars a go, promises to show you the real world.

However, pill manufacturers confirmed today that it has the same contents as the blue one, just a different colouring agent and sales pitch.

“It’s been a great advertising campaign”, said Pill manufacturer Switch Williams. “We told you that the red pill would reveal the hidden truth beneath everyday reality and they sold in bucketloads.”

“But if you take the red pill you keep right on living in the same world as everyone else, just with an air of smug superiority that alienates all the people you’re trying to convince to your point of view.”

“It doesn’t really matter which one you take. Whether you take the red pill or the blue one, you’ll wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe anyway.”

“You’ll even believe there’s not a word of truth in this article and it’s part of the conspiracy to keep you ignorant.”