Man’s day ruined after he makes mistake of trying new sandwich for lunch

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A man has had a terrible day after he was foolishly adventurous and didn’t buy his usual lunchtime sandwich.

Office worker Simon Williams, 29, normally has a ham, cheese and pickle sandwich for his lunch. However, yesterday, after being inspired by a National Trust leaflet to ‘try something new,’ he opted for a chicken triple.

Simon said, “You can’t really go wrong with ham, cheese and pickle. If it’s a special occasion I’ll treat myself to the ham hock, mature cheddar and onion chutney but basically, I’m a ham, cheese and pickle man.

“The chicken just didn’t feel right. I was in a foul mood all afternoon. I’ll never get that day back.”

Simon’s boss Peter knew something was wrong the moment Simon returned from the shop.

He told us, “I immediately noticed the larger carton – a round and a half rather than his usual round. Then came the smell of chicken and my heart sank.

“I cancelled all our afternoon meetings because I knew he wouldn’t be good for anything.

“Simon is normally a nice, quiet guy but after the sandwich he became quite hostile, calling Brenda in accounts a ‘stupid bitchface’ and stapling a teabag to John’s forehead after he gave Simon a coffee by mistake.

“Normally this would lead to disciplinary action but luckily for Simon I’d clocked the new sandwich.”

Simon now regrets his reckless behaviour and says he has learned a valuable life lesson.

“Don’t try new things,” he says, “there’s nothing worse than change. I’ll be receiving therapy for post-traumatic stress and can hopefully put this all behind me.”