Amir Khan “very happily married now” but also running off to jungle for a bit

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Boxer, Amir Khan, is absolutely delighted to be back with his wife and that’s why he’s off to Australia.

The champion boxer has had a tumultuous year or two with his wife, Fayral, after a year of rows and allegations; including Fayral’s alleged affair with taller and objectively more likeable boxer, Anthony Joshua.

“But all that’s behind them now and they’re more loved up than ever,” confirmed Amir Kahn’s agent, Simon Williams.

“And that’s precisely why Amir is heading for Australia, alone, to be on a reality television show for a couple of months. It’s the stuff great romance novels are made of.

“He’s fully trusting of his wife, which is why he’s given her security detail a photo of Anthony Joshua with the words ‘shoot on sight’ scrawled on the back.”

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Citizen, Henry Tomkinson, said, “I am happily married in a similar fashion to Amir Khan.

“I’ve not the resources to express that happiness by running away to Australia, but I spend as much time in the shed as possible, screaming into my therapy pillow.”