Pagan shoppers vow to boycott Tesco over Christian family in Yuletide advert

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Angry pagans took to social media last night, accusing supermarket giant Tesco of devaluing Yuletide by showcasing apparently Christian families in its latest seasonal TV advert.

The advert shows a family celebrating ‘Christmas’ at a time of year when Pagans have traditionally enjoyed Yuletide celebrations, which many pagans have called ‘a disgusting example of cultural appropriation for financial gain’.

“Yuletide is our festival and we all know that Christians refuse to celebrate it properly,” raged @PaganDerek17 on Twitter, “it’s political correctness gone mad and it needs to stop.”

On Facebook, Tesco’s page was flooded by an angry comment by Brenda ‘Wiccan Wiccan Wild Wild’ West, asking “why are you pandering to the Christians at our precious time of year?

“I bet you wouldn’t dare show an advert featuring a pagan on a Sunday School outing to Flatford Mill, or at a church jumble sale.”

A spokesperson for the company told displeased druids to pipe down and get over themselves before he was wrestled to the ground by security staff and a replacement spokesperson assured customers that “everyone is welcome in our stores throughout the mid-winter festival”.

However, Dave Cleckheaton of the Council of Perturbed Pagans insisted the advert was the “thin end of the wedge.”

He added, “We’ve been celebrating Yuletide for many thousands of years, but Tesco allows these Johnny-come-latelies to muscle in on the fun.

“Soon you won’t be allowed to even say ‘Yuletide’ anymore and you’ll have signs up all around cities like Birmingham wishing people a ‘Merry Christmas’. It’s frankly disgusting.”