Office worker spends Monday morning kidding himself that this is the week he will accomplish something

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Monday morning has begun with office worker Simon Williams telling himself that this is the week in which he will finally achieve something worthwhile at work.

Williams, whose job involves ‘general admin’ but has the word ‘executive’ in it, has somehow convinced himself that this particular week will end with a completed task that gives him both personal and professional satisfaction, while also contributing to the good of the company and his colleagues.

He told us, “It’s Monday morning, it’s a new week, and the world is my Oyster. I know that something good is going to happen this week, I can feel it. I have an empty inbox, and there is something wonderful in the air.

Just moments after talking to us, Williams was handed several boxes of scanning and filing which needs to be done for a regulatory assessment at the end of next week.  After looking at the boxes in silence for several minutes, Williams took a ten-minute comfort break in the disabled toilet.

He returned and told us, “Ok, well, it will still be an accomplishment, I suppose, to finish all this scanning and filing by the end of the week. I can do this. This is still good. Definitely.”

We caught up with Williams two-hours into his scanning and filing task, to ask how he was feeling about the week now laid out in front of him.

He told us, “When I said the world is my Oyster, I clearly meant the world is cold, wet and snot-like and as likely to induce vomiting as it is to provide me with any joy.

“Still, there’s always next week.”