Man spends two-minute silence tutting at people who didn’t observe the two-minute silence

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An Essex man marked the two-minute silence on remembrance day in a novel way – by tutting at strangers who didn’t realise the two-minute silence had begun.

Simon Williams, a retired ferret shaver from Chelmsford, stood in the local park at five to eleven and, during the two-minute silence, tutted at people who walked past chatting, either to other people or on the phone.

“I believe that the most important thing about the two-minute silence is being judgemental about other people,” said Mr Williams.

“Yes, there is all the war stuff as well, but making other people feel bad because they were out and it slipped their minds is…well, I think it’s what the many brave men and women who fought for this country would have wanted.”

Mr Williams’ records show that, during the two-minute silence that most people use to silently contemplate those who have died in service, he tutted at four women and one child, shook his head at two men and tapped his poppy at one old man loudly sobbing on a park bench.

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It is understood that despite the vigorous campaigning of Mr Williams and other like-minded folks, the British Legion have no plans to introduce a special ‘two-minute silence moderator’ poppy to officially recognise their work.