Amazon advert suggests you buy exactly the same thing you just bought

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A popup advert from Amazon seems to think you’ll be mad keen to buy exactly the same thing you just bought five minutes ago.

The advert, which has muscled its way onto most of the websites you’ve visited today, seems to think that making an identical purchase within the hour is a great idea – rather than something else entirely.

Possibly suggesting something you don’t already own at least one of, might be a good idea.

“Our research shows that what our customers really want is for us to watch whatever they buy like a hawk and then pay good money to advertise exactly the same thing at them over and over again,” said Amazon Head of Digital Twattery Simon Williams.

“So if you buy some garden furniture, it’s clear to us that you’ll desperately need another lawn table about twenty minutes later, or if you buy a book then obviously you’ll need a second copy for the other hand.

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“And you can never have too much lavatory paper, that’s what we say. In our adverts. Less than an hour after you bought a pack from us.”

When told that advertising different things to people might boost sales, Williams responded that Amazon didn’t become the world’s largest retailer by not acting like massive twats.

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