Morons who claim Muslims don’t integrate angered by advert showing Muslims integrating

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The latest Tesco advert has ruffled a few feathers in the bigoted community after showing a scene of Muslims exchanging gifts for Christmas, despite that being exactly what the racists keep demanding.

The advert depicts a number of different friends and family groups celebrating Christmas, including a group of Muslim friends, prompting outbursts on right-wing social media nationwide.

Britain First supporter and belligerent idiot Simon Williams took to Facebook to express his emotions in a reasoned and rational manner.

“Bloody Tesco!” he painstakingly typed using only one finger, “Pushing all this inclusive, diversity crap at us.

“I know I’m always going on about how if the Muslims wanna live here they need to speak our language and celebrate our festivals like Christmas, but to actually show them integrating and celebrating our festivals like Christmas on TV is disgusting.

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“It’s political correctness gone mad.”

He went on, “If they want to celebrate Christmas – AND THEY BLOODY WELL SHOULD – then we shouldn’t have it thrust down our throats.”

Tesco have responded by saying that if they had wanted to be fully inclusive they would have shown a group of racists standing around struggling to get their heads around the fact that Muslims, Christians and Jews all worship the same God anyway.

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