Christopher Plummer to be digitally inserted into government archives as replacement for Michael Fallon

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As the revelations of Sir Michael Fallon’s sexual misconduct grows, news has emerged that Christopher Plummer will be digitally inserted into the last seven years of government as Secretary of State for Defence and Deputy chairman of the Conservative Party as his replacement.

It is thought that the classy acting style of the veteran actor should help erase the taint of sleaze surrounding the Government.

“I think it’s a good move,” said political commentator Simon Williams.

“I mean, it’s hard to watch old footage of Sir Michael Fallon in negotiations knowing that he was potentially thinking some quite unsavoury thoughts.

“I think most people will be an awful lot more comfortable looking back at the last few years and seeing Christopher Plummer instead of Sir Michael Fallon.

“If nothing else, Mr Plummer certainly wouldn’t have sold internationally banned cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia or claimed expenses for mortgage repayments on his Westminster flat.”

Efforts to digitally insert Christopher Plummer into the past seven years of government will begin immediately and should be completed by Christmas.

It is expected that if revelations continue at their current pace, Christopher Plummer will be extraordinarily busy in both Hollywood and Westminster in the coming weeks and months.