People who snore are brilliant, confirms new John Lewis Christmas advert

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John Lewis has unveiled its latest Christmas advert, with a delightful message that snorers are actually lovely people to spend the night with.

Moz the Monster is shown as a heavy snorer who destroys the possibility of sleep for anyone who shares a room with him, but it is ultimately revealed that this is OK as long as he buys a present from John Lewis for the person whose sleep he ruins.

Snorer Simon Williams told us, “I’m delighted with the new John Lewis ad. My missus often wakes me up in the night with a sharp dig in the ribs because my snoring is annoying her, but this advert clearly demonstrates how lucky she is to have me.

“I’m glad that John Lewis has tackled the social stigma of snoring. Too often it’s an affliction we’re not comfortable discussing in public.

“So many relationships can be ruined because of snoring, but thankfully John Lewis has shown that it’s no big deal as long as you buy the other person a gift at Christmas.  And wrap it like you were blindfolded. And did so in a wind-tunnel.”

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Simon’s partner Sharon explained that she felt the advert had a very different message for viewers.

She told us, “It looks to me like they’re saying snorers should get out of the bed and sleep on the floor if they can’t sleep quietly.  And the floor is a metaphor for the spare room at the other end of the landing, obviously.

“However, Simon seems to think the advert is recommending we buy a Scalextric set to run around the bed.

“Which is not quite what I had in mind when I suggested we invest in a few toys for the bedroom.”