New KY Jelly home delivery service to be called LUber

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A new lube delivery service promises to help you to get wherever you want to go at a moment’s notice.

The service, which hopes to achieve ‘significant market penetration’ in short order, launched today offering to slip Astroglide, gun oil or Crisco through your letterbox whenever you like.

The service expects some market friction at first, but hopes to overcome resistance if they really take things in both hands.

“We’re ready when you are,” said Chief Executive Simon Williams. “Ready to slide an oily delivery wherever you might want it.

“We’re utterly focused on you, the customer. You might say we’ve got tunnel vision.

“It might be an uphill struggle, but we’re ready to go the extra inch to satisfy our customers.

“Obviously there are regulatory issues such as those encountered by Uber, but we hope that by greasing the right palms it’ll be onward and upward.”