Travel agents overwhelmed with requests to meet Benjamin Netanyahu

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The discovery that it’s possible to unexpectedly have several meetings with world leaders whilst on holiday has led to travel agents being ‘overwhelmed’ this morning.

A spokesman for the Association of British Travel Agents said members were being swept off their feet by enquiries about two weeks scuba diving in Koh Samui combined with an hour of face time with Angela Merkel and Narendra Modi.

Meanwhile, an all-inclusive ‘sun and trade’ package deal involving five-star accommodation, all drinks and meals, and three meetings with the Saudi Prince of your choice is proving remarkably popular with young holidaymakers.

“It’s been a real boost for the holiday industry which has been in the doldrums lately, but the opportunity to get a tan, cop off with someone on a drunken night out and discuss people trafficking issues with the Turkish foreign minister is a real pull for the hip, twentysomething crowd,” said ABTA spokesman Simon Williams.

“Ministers always say their overseas trips are to boost trade, but I’ve never seen it work so effectively before.

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“We’ve been deluged with calls this morning from Washington DC for our ‘Sun, Sex and Security issues’ package trip to St Petersburg.”