People unhappy at Twitter’s increased 280 character count urged to avoid the horrors of a ‘library’

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People who complain about having to read longer Tweets have been warned to avoid the horrors that await them at the local library.

With 280 characters now the standard length of any Tweet, many users of the micro-blogging platform have complained about the extra time it takes to consume the content they’ve subscribed to.

“280 characters is just soooo long,” complained Sharon Williams, an avid Twitter user.

“Some people aren’t even using gifs or pictures anymore, just text – nearly three-hundred characters worth of text. That’s just obscene. What sort of masochist is going to read all that?

“This one tweet I saw used all 280 characters, and I tried reading it, I really did, but I fall asleep halfway through. I don’t think I’ll ever finish it.”

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Unhappy Twitter users struggling to consume 280 characters in a single sitting have been told not to venture towards any building labelled ‘library’ for fear of the frightening amount of text that might greet them.

Sharon Williams said she’d heard of ‘libraries’, but didn’t see the point of them.

She went on, “Someone told me they have these massive long tweets that get printed out and bound together, sometimes with ten-thousand words, or more, and you can get to the end and never really understand what the tweet was about in the first place.  How is that going to get any retweets?

“Some people just need to learn what social media is about. I’m telling you now; this ‘book’ thing will never take off.

“Whoever invested in that start-up is about to lose a shed-load of cash. Mark my words.”

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