James Bond sexual harassment cases ‘go back decades’

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An MI6 operative has been accused of a string of crimes against vulnerable women.

Following a string of accusations of misconduct by male MPs and other civil servants, scrutiny has now spread to the intelligence services.

A government agent known only as “James Bond” has been suspended pending investigation of the charges dating back as far as 1962.

The women in question, which include socialites, enemy agents, assassins and a secretary say they were repeatedly subjected to Mr Bond’s advances, and that he would repeatedly try to ‘seduce’ them with caviar and lame puns.

Mr Bond also stands accused of charging said caviar to his MI6 expense account, along with other unexplained items such as an autogyro, a five figure bar bill and several luxury cars.

A government spokesperson told reporters, “We take these charges very seriously, but you have to understand these incidents took place in a different decade; the noughties.

“Back then women in the office were just playthings to the male agents. Everything is different in the government now, obviously. Female staff are expected to do a bit of the work, too.”