Television President held to higher standards than the real one

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A make-believe President of the United States is facing far harsher sanctions for his behaviour than the actual, real one today.

Kevin Spacey, an actor who plays a pretend ruthless, backstabbing President, has done some really dodgy shit resulting in his career being damaged far more than that of the real ruthless, backstabbing president who has done some really dodgy shit.

Whilst the actor’s series has been cancelled with immediate effect, the actual president, who has boasted of fancying his daughter, walking into ladies changing rooms without so much as a by-your-leave, and actual sexual assault, will continue his run for at least another three years, leaving onlookers scratching their heads.

“It’s because he’s a liberal,” Trump campaign manager Simon-Bob Williams told us, shortly before his arrest for financial impropriety and collusion with hostile foreign powers.

“Just because someone is popular with the metropolitan elite doesn’t mean they should get a free pass for their behaviour.

“The only people who get one of those are the ones the elite hate, like the actual President.”