Mary Berry delighted with result of curse she put on Prue Leith

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Former Bake Off judge and wizened headmistress Mary Berry has expressed delight after witnessing the result of the curse she placed on her replacement, Prue Leith.

With the final episode due to air this evening, Prue Leith revealed the winner of this series of The Great British Bake Off in a tweet which shocked everyone, apart from Mary Berry who reportedly leapt for joy after reading it.

“Well well!” she was overheard to exclaim, taking a victory sip of gin and tonic despite it only being 11 am.

Cackling, she continued “Try to outdo me on Bake Off, will you, with your cheery disposition and colourful outfits? Take that! Who knew that this whole curse thing really works. On Halloween, too – how perfect.”

Prue Leith, who replaced Mary Berry following the move to Channel 4 as the token elderly female baking expert on the show, quickly deleted the tweet but not before Mary’s curse had done significant damage through screenshots and retweets of the spectacular faux pas.

“What can I say, other than I am so sorry,” cried the distraught presenter.

“To say I have a soggy bottom is to put it mildly. What a disaster.”

Fellow presenter Paul Hollywood consoled her, saying “Don’t worry about it. Most people think Liam should have won anyway, and as long as we get paid, that’s the main thing.”