I had nothing to do with the Trump election campaign, insists Donald Trump

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As indictments and arrests from the FBI claim more people involved in Trump’s election, the Trump administration has sought to distance itself from the 2016 campaign.

Several tweets from Donald Trump suggested he was primarily a crowd-warming entertainer who ended up in the White House because the American people like hats.

In a heated exchange with the White House press corps, Sarah Huckabee Sanders denied that Donald Trump’s actions for the best part of last year had anything to do with trying to get elected.

“Donald Trump has never campaigned for Donald Trump. He was just being himself around large crowds,” explained Huckabee.

“Mocking the disabled, calling war heroes losers for being captured and looming creepily behind women while hurling insults is very much part of his usual routine.

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“To suggest this had any connection with political events is pure malice. You could take any year since 1996 and find he has done the same thing.”

Although absurd on the surface, the claims might have some legal merit according to Harvard legal expert Professor Simon Williams.

“To the layman, it sounds ridiculous, but Donald Trump can present a convincing body of evidence that he did all in his power not to get elected.

“After all, how could anyone seriously wishing to enter public service not resign in shame after the pussy-grabbing tape came out?”

Asked for comments, several former campaign staff have declared they will issue a joint statement just after a hastily arranged strategy meeting in St Petersburg.