Pacific Rim 2 to explore unresolved sexual tension between huge monsters & gigantic robots

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Pacific Rim 2 will be a sensitive and thoughtful examination of the love between giant robots and ungodly monsters in a society that will not accept them, producers have confirmed.

Promising a touching and emotional exploration on the robot/ monster relationship than has usually been depicted, Hollywood insiders suggest that the tale will focus on the awkward steps the two sides take to find love despite the opposition from their own.

The message of the film is that love will find a way no matter who you are, even if you’re a huge atomic-powered robot or a colossal extradimensional entity with nothing humanly recognisable as genitals.

Producers describe the film as being ‘like Brokeback mountain but with robots and tentacles’, and expect it to reach a niche but devoted audience.

“I know audiences are expecting something of a slam-bang action spectacular, but frankly there’s loads of that sort of thing about if you want it,” said scriptwriter Simon Williams.

“Instead we decided to go for a slow-burning, intense story of forbidden passion and secret encounters.”

“It turned out that when the robot punched the monster, what he actually meant was ‘I love you’,” he told us.

“And one day, the monster was surprised to realise that when it was belching flame and destroying Tokyo what it meant was it truly loved the robot back.”