Monday 30 October 2017 by Chris Ballard

Man who forgot to change his clocks pretending he intended to get to work early

Man got to office early

A man is claiming he absolutely meant to get to work an hour before everyone else after forgetting the clocks went back this weekend.

Office worker Simon Williams said, “Oh, the whole clocks going back thing is just a coincidence. This is something I’ve actually been meaning to try for a while now.

“Work’s quite busy at the moment, and it’s so much easier to get stuff done when the office is quiet and there are no distractions.

“And there was hardly anyone on the train this morning, so my commute was much more pleasant.

“Will I be doing this regularly from now on? Er, probably not because … well, you know, I respect my colleagues too much – I don’t want to show them up as lazy slackers who don’t get in until nine.

“No, it was a successful experiment but not one I’ll be repeating.”

Simon’s girlfriend Gemma said she thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, explaining “I nearly said something when his alarm went off at five this morning. But then I thought it would be really funny not to.

“He sent me a text on his way to work saying, ‘Costa was closed this morning and the train is really quiet.’ I text him back saying, ‘Yeah, I think it might be half-term or something’.

“What a pillock!”

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