Donald Trump has no idea Paul Manafort was arrested after morning spent watching Fox and Friends

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President Donald Trump is completely unaware his former campaign chairman has submitted himself to the FBI in relation to Russian interference with the US election, after choosing to get his news from Fox & Friends.

Just a short time after every news channel in the continental United States began rolling coverage of the first indictment in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian influence on last year’s presidential election, Trump became agitated by Fox’s coverage of a story about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the sale of Uranium to Russia.

“She wasn’t involved, but that’s not important,” said one political analyst we spoke to.

“The sale was agreed by a government committee over which Clinton had no influence or control – but it’s Fox News, so facts don’t matter, obviously.

“The President’s daily agenda is set by whatever is shown on Fox & Friends, so if they say Hillary sold Uranium to Russia, then the president thinks Hillary sold uranium to Russia – and he’ll happily tweet as much.

Some have suggested his angry tweets this morning are an attempt to distract from the coverage of Paul Manafort’s arrest, a claim denied by the analyst.

He explained, “Nah, I doubt he’s got the first idea what’s going on. I imagine he’ll get quite the shock when he finds out about Paul Manafort’s indictment, but that news will have to come from one of his briefings, and it also relies on one of his staff drawing a sufficiently accurate cartoon good enough to convey that news.

“He doesn’t really do ‘reading’ anymore.”