British public not even mildly surprised that Westminster is full of gropey old men

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The culture of sexual harassment at Westminster has come as shock to precisely no-one, according to reports this morning.

Following the watershed allegations against movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, women worldwide have started to come forward with similarly shocking revelations of being harassed by powerful men.

“MPs aren’t exactly up there on the shock scale though,” confirmed citizen, Simon Williams.

“These are people who have grown up in incredibly posh bubbles being told that everything they’re doing is fucking marvellous. Of course they’re going to believe they’re entitled to everyone’s tits.

“It’s dreadful that this is happening but, given we’re dealing with the kind of people who think starving people into work is a viable concept, it’s not really that surprising.”

Conservative MP, Terrence Barrington-Twatt, said, “hashtag not all MPs.

“I’m just saying, I’ve never groped anyone, or at least not anyone who complained at the time, which means it was fine. That’s how it worked at Eton.

“I suppose sometimes the groping does go a bit far. Some of these tarts could wear longer skirts to help us stop it, really.

“Gosh I’m hungry. Where’s totty gone with the sandwiches?”