Cat still demanding feeding at the usual time

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An irate cat insisted this morning that its owner get up at the usual time and feed it.

Cat Simon Purrliams, 3, explained. “I am of course aware in a dim sort of way that you humans have, as you phrase it, ‘put the clocks back.’

“But this means nothing to me. As a cat, I don’t even know what a ‘clock’ is, can’t read one, and wouldn’t even if I could.

“On the other hand I certainly know what the time is, and it’s time to be fed.

“Now get up,” he added, sinking his claws into the foot of his owner.

Speaking to NewsThump from a foetal position under his duvet, the cat’s ‘owner’ confirmed that under normal circumstances this would indeed be the time that she got up to feed the cat.

“But I was hoping for a lie in this morning,” she added, testily. “Aaargh! Ow!”

Hauling herself out of bed, a bleary-eyed owner expressed the hope that in a few days the cat would get used to the change in the time of day.

But the cat was unconvinced.

“If that’s the way she thinks,” it told us, “all I can say is, she’s going to get a nasty surprise next time she puts on her shoe.”