In that case we won’t recognise your Brexit vote, Catalonia tells Britain

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In the wake of Britain saying it won’t recognise Catalan independence, Catalonia has told Britain two can play at that game.

Catalonia, whose incoherent political flailing is reminiscent of many independence movements with no plan whatsoever, say that if their bid for Taking Their Country Back and Sovereignty isn’t going to be recognised, well, same goes for you.

“Up yours,” Catalonia’s president confirmed.

“If we’re going to be shackled to this corpse, we’ll do our damnedest to drag you down with us,” he said in a statement today.

“How come, right, you get to leap without looking and everyone just goes okay, but when we try it you don’t play along?

“The UK has demonstrated that having a ‘plan’ and ‘the first fucking clue what to do next’ is no impediment to making a go of independence, and for them to not to back us now is plain hypocrisy.”

A spokesman for the SNP agreed with the Catalan President and confirmed that breaking a forty-year union was a massive shitshow but breaking a three-hundred year one would be dead easy and go splendidly for all concerned.