Cher envious of Britain turning back time

author avatar by 7 years ago

Cher is jealous of Britain having found a way to turn back time tonight.

Cher, who has been aching for a way to take back the words that hurt you, and you’d stay, said that if she’d known you could simply turn the clock back an hour twenty-five years ago things would have been so very different.

The singer is understood to have asked for a meeting with Greenwich Royal Observatory in the hope of not only learning how the procedure for turning back time works, but also to ask for assistance in reaching the stars so she can give them all to you.

“Then you’d love me, love me, love me like you used to do,” she confirmed, sadly but stridently.

Throwing aside a sailor’s hat in a jaunty manner, Cher went on to add that not only did she not mean to hurt you or see you go, but also an extra hour in bed tomorrow morning would be really welcome.

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