Government surprised to find places where nation’s brightest minds study information are against Brexit

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Institutions attended and run by the most intelligent people in the country have inexplicably come out in favour of remaining in the European Union, it has emerged.

‘Universities’, where brilliant young minds are sent to study facts about a broad range of subjects and disciplines, are reportedly expressing views that suggest Brexit might be a terrible idea.

A Daily Mail exposé has sensationally revealed that university professors, who clearly know nothing, are brazenly explaining that Brexit could harm the country – using despicable facts and sickening, extensive research to poison the minds of the British people.

“Anyone who even hints that Brexit is not the best idea of all time must be strung up in Trafalgar Square,” said passionate leave voter, Simon Williams.

“That these so-called experts are coming out with opinions of their own, using logical reasoning and deduction based on facts and statistics, truly sickens me to my core.

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“I’m stunned that they are not following the lead of our noble, impartial press and espousing the clear benefits of leaving the EU, like getting more blue passports and less brown people.

“The sooner these places are shut down the better.”

A professor, who wished not to be named for fear of reprisals, defended the right of academics to express their views.

“I suppose much of academia could be viewed in terms of opinion, but it’s largely opinion that is based on irrefutable evidence,” she said.

“It’s my opinion, for example, that vaccines can be used to prevent horrific illness and are entirely harmless in almost every single case in history, because I know there are clear facts and years of studies and empirical evidence to confirm this.

“Yet, you still get a surprising number of morons who think they’re a bad thing and aggressively defend their viewpoint without being prepared to listen to actual facts.

“The same can be said of Brexit.”