Gemma Collins sent straight to Hell after giving Love Island an award

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TOWIE star, Gemma Collins, has been sent to hell for her sin.

The TV personality had just given an award to Love Island during the BBC Teen Awards – a crime so heinous that a firey pit immediately opened beneath her.

“Needed doing,” confirmed St. Peter.

“Gemma Collins had led a fairly naughty but largely inconsequential life up until this point.

“But then she alluded to the idea that Love Island was in some way ‘good’, and we simply can’t stand for that. God has very high standards in television, you know – hence he was watching the BBC Teen Awards.

“The moment Love Island was announced for an award, he simply said ‘burn her’ and so the pit of fire was opened.

“Kudos to her for being able to crawl out; when most people are sent to hell they usually stay there. We need to get onto Lucifer about that, it’s not really acceptable.”

A spokesperson for Gemma Collins said, “Miss Collins is a little shaken.

“She was only in hell for a couple of seconds but that feels like a hundred years, apparently. Her eyes currently appear twice as lifeless as normal.

“It’s going to take an awful lot of nights out and poor life choices before she’s back to normal.”