All these Diwali fireworks prove how much Islam is taking over our country, insist Britain First

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English people are just trying to enjoy a quiet night in but those Muslims and their Diwali celebrations keep ruining everything, Britain First have complained today.

After several evenings of firework displays ruining his peace and quiet thanks to his foreign-looking next door neighbours, Britain First member Simon Williams took to their Facebook page to rant his easily angered little heart out.

“Bloody Mooslims!1!” he posted, evidently furious at just how bad things are getting in his beloved Britain.

“Four nights on the trot they’ve had fireworks for this ‘Diwali’ festival of theirs. I never knew fireworks were a big thing for the Muslamics, but every day they’ve been setting them off just when I’m settling down to watch my daily dose of ‘whites only’ pornography. It is really annoying.”

He warned, “And you know what they say – ‘Diwali fireworks today; Sharia law and mandatory Burkha wearing tomorrow’!

“And they even had the nerve to put a card through my door wishing me a ‘Happy Diwali from the Hindus next door’ and that isn’t even their surname so I don’t know what all that was about.”

He added, “Anyway, rant over. See you all for the usual Guy Fawkes celebrations in a few weeks.”